Live Green and Earn Points


  • Roxanna M. 9 years ago
    we use things as long as possible and recycle nearly all when we cannot use them anymore. we don't feel like we have the have the newest and best. there are so many things that folks get rid of so quickly and it shocks us
  • Sue C. 9 years ago
    I try to buy quality brand name merchandise to try to ensure that it lasts longer and there isn't a big need to continually replace it. However, I have had a share of appliances that didn't live up to the longevity factor. That would be mainly coffee makers. However, buying name brand merchandise doesn't always ensure the longevity of the appliance.

    When it comes to printer cartridges I have bought the ones that are refilled. Additionally, I recycle the old ones when they are depleated. Most things can be recycled if you know where to take the merchandise once it has gone through it's useful life.

    I don't believe you can recycle incadescent light bulbs tho.

    It saves money not having to replace things as often if they are made well to begin with.
  • Brianna S. 9 years ago
    This also makes your wallet greener!
  • Nyemma C. 9 years ago
    I trully agree
  • Kathy H. 9 years ago
    We must find new ways to reuse, recycle, and repurpose our electronics.
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