Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    I hand down their toys to the younger ones.
  • Kelly F. 10 years ago
    sounds like a lot of clever tips, ill pass the word on to my friends
  • 10 years ago
    We had an excess of receiving blankets, so I turned some into pajama pants for my toddler. All it took was a simple pattern made from an existing pair of pants and a small length of elastic.

    I also turned receiving blankets into custom-fit pillow cases for smaller pillows.

    I use a diaper stacker (the cloth kind that come with crib bedding sets) hung in the closet to hold toddler bed sheets.
  • 10 years ago
    Cut the feet out of a sleeper when baby has gotten too long to fit in it comfortably. Add a pair of socks to keep the feet warm and you've added new life to your baby clothes. Cut up cloth diapers to make home made nursing pads. I found that they worked better than most of the ones bought in stores.
  • 10 years ago
    I make my own babyfood so I dont have to recycle the jars, I purchase wipes in recycled packaging so I dont have a plastic tub. And recently now that I am finished having babies I am donating all my swings, highchairs, carriers to a battered womens shelter.....There are so many great and easy ways to recycle. Thanks for the tips!
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