Live Green and Earn Points


  • Mary W. 8 months ago
    Nice article and I love the idea itself! However, if we would look at the practical side of this equation, unfortunately it is not too practical. For instance, I have my catering & event planning business, and talking form my personal experience, the use of this type of dinnerware is very limited simply due to it's looks. For instance I work with this particular dinnerware for a long time now ( and I am extremely pleased with their elegant design and quality, and so are my clients.
  • Aishu S. 3 years ago
    Nice posting.Biodegradable Plates are really very Good to use.It's 100% organic and harmless.i am also using Biodegradable Plates in my daily life.
  • arsha n. 3 years ago
    wowww..It's marvellous.Disposable plates can be used and disposed easily.I was really enjoyed the eating food items in palm plates,cups.It's very special experience for me.I Loved it.
  • Elizabeth H. 4 years ago
    nice posting
  • leaftrend t. 5 years ago
    nice post about disposable dinnerware plates,,,,It's very useful to all of us....
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