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Stylish Stocking Stuffers

By Summer Rayne Oakes |
Though it's tempting to grab that last-minute buy at the dollar store, try to resist! Check out these ten eco-conscious beauty and style items instead.
UPDATED: 12/07/11 | Originally Published: 12/11/09

My favorite part of receiving holiday gifts was the stocking stuffers. That is, unless you count the times Santa tied little gifts to the tree like ornaments, which was good fun too. Stocking stuffers, however, were always the icing on the cake — and every year my mother (ahem, Santa) would make an effort to find creative and useful little items to round out the bigger gift.

I know it's tempting to stick in some useless tchotchkes in the stocking as fillers, but why not make it the best part of gift giving? I hand-selected ten stylish cosmetic, fashion, and beauty accessories below — and guess what? They are all less than forty bucks. It's safe to say they'll be easy on your pocket book, useful for the receiver of the item and might actually do a little less damage to the planet.


Made with ingredients like peppermint and jojoba, it's no wonder that makeup is to women what candy is to kids. Look for USDA certified items that are free of dyes, fragrances, and icky-sounding chemicals like formaldehyde. Consider Dr. Bronner Peppermint Organic Lip Balm and former model Josie Maran's Moroccan Holiday Collection.

Beauty Accessories

Mirror, mirror on the wall, find me green tools, once and for all! If there's one category of products worth investing in, it's the beauty staples in your bureau. Add some sustainable qualities at affordable prices, and you've got yourself a win-win. Here are three of my favorites, which feature biodegradable, recycled, and organic materials: Acca Kappa Bioceta hair brush, Eco Tools 5-piece brush set, and an organic cotton makeup bag.

Fashion Accessories

There's a reason the term "retail therapy" came into popular use — there's something about clothes, shoes, and jewelry that just really feels good. Why not give into the fixation this holiday? Shop for goodies made from organic cotton, all-natural dyes, and even recycled rubber and glass. Some of my faves include a Rubyzaar scarf, Maggie's Organics tights, Zoe & Zac accessories, and Smart Glass Jewelry bangles.

What do you like to get in your stocking? Share your memories by commenting below.

Summer Rayne Oakes is the author of the best-selling book Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion & Beauty.

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