Live Green and Earn Points


  • Peter & Joan R. 8 years ago
    How do I obtain a coupon, for say 150 points, that is required by my township as a paymet to have curb side items picked up by the trash recyclers?

    Your web site does not have an option to obtain a coupon. The coupon requirement was mentioned by our township offcie rep.
  • Cynthia L. 9 years ago
    My Dear Husband does most of the shopping. I am having a hard time even have him look at expiration dates!! Wonder how I can get him to look for all these labels? Thoughts? Thanks!
  • Suzanne K. 9 years ago
    great ideas we all can use
  • Nancy R. 9 years ago
    I try to use these guidelines when shopping if possible, and I would love it, if this and similar sites could add coupons for some of the products.
  • Maria B. 9 years ago
    yep! will do.
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