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  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    that's cool.
  • Joanne S. 9 years ago
    Very Creative & forward thinking idea :-)
  • Jess T. 10 years ago
    Its a great idea but while I'm rocking my baby to sleep I need it to be dark and I need arms on the chair to help support me while I'm holding the baby. If they added arms and the light could be turned off (and the energy stored in a battery for later) this would be great!
  • Brenda E. 10 years ago
    It would not be ideal to put your baby to sleep though. You need to keep the room dark so the baby will could read a book while rocking I think or rock and talk to a child.
  • Kathy T. 10 years ago
    Every home should have one :)
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