Live Green and Earn Points


  • Beth K. 9 years ago
    I live in the city of Philadelphia and have as many plants as can be happy in and outside my space. I love my plants as though they are my children, and also enjoy the fact that they not only give back to me by cleaning my air and adding oxygen, but enhance my life in both esthetic and nurturing ways. Whenever the precious opportunity to get away comes around, I always want to make sure that my little babies are taken care of. I have many of them, and I'm usually going away for a week during the late summer months to spend time with my family at the beach, so I save up and use my plastic and glass bottles to help keep my plants hydrated!

    It's so simple - just fill your bottles with water, poke an appropriately-sized hole in the soil and insert the bottles upside down into the plants to create a self-watering system that not only works, but keeps your plants happy and hydrated and allows you not to worry about them while you're away! Of course, you'll need to make sure the bottle is the right size, and temperature and humidity play factors in the decision on which bottles to use - common sense and knowing your plants are the rules: larger bottles for your most quickly dehydrated plants and/or longer trips, and smaller ones for those plant friends which don't require as much water or don't get a lot of sun. We all need to do our part, and not only keep our plant friends happy, healthy and hydrated but also keep as much green growing as we can to combat the effects of global warming and help oxygenate the planet! It's so simple, so satisfying and so rewarding in the same breath!