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  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    That is a wonderful story.
  • Ami W. 9 years ago
    Its good to see this whole story come full circle. Thanks to Bad Rap(the rescuse that was able to keep the authorities from euthanizing them all) all but ONE of vicks dogs were rehabilitated and are all in lifetime homes. One is even a ceritified therapy dog with a canine goodi citizenship award. One euthanaisa, two deaths from health problem. I'd say Bad Rap did their job fighting for these dogs. The place where all these horrors were commited needs to be cleansed of it's past and I can't think of a better start
  • valerie r. 10 years ago
    great use of this property
  • gretchen m. 10 years ago
    Wish I was in the area so I could volunteer.
  • Charlotte M. 10 years ago
    I love to see articles like this one. I HATE the shelters that only keep an animal for so long and then destroy the animals. It always makes me feel like crying when I think of it!
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