Live Green and Earn Points


  • Deborah W. 4 years ago
    Thanks much. Keeping all this information in mind and putting it into use.
  • Penny H. 6 years ago
    Laundry detergent bottles need to be rinsed several times to get the bottle clean. I have saved the sudsy residue by pouring it into an clean and empty dish detergent bottle and I then use it to rinse off my hands instead of using hand soap. I have also saved clean and empty bottles of spray cleaners to re-use the bottle as a spray bottle for gardening or laundry. Old socks with holes that can't be darned make good dust rags as well.
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    pizza boxes as long as they are clean.
  • William O. 10 years ago
    So what about the non #1 or 2 items. Are you suggesting people throw dangerous #* plastics into the trash system? How about turning it in to a collection resource?

    And now lets here it for P&G and Pantene Plus LOL. Sad website we have here.
  • 10 years ago
    I, too, have been a loooong time recycler (kinda like a packrat?). Since I am a once a month check recipient, I sell my aluminum, copper, etc. All hazmat goes to the City, every several months. Everything else I recycle from my curb. I separat e my plastic in a large plastic bag and the caps also go in a separate plastic bag. I have been into gardening for over 35 years and have also been composting-you get the best soil! I even purchased some earthworms. Wish I had a real composter. I collect rain water for my plants. Have a barrel under my drainspout. I also collect the water from myu air conditioner for my plants. And last, but not least the water I wash my dishes in goes out the door where my grass is nice and green. There are more, but for now, ta ta
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