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Recycled E-Waste Artists and Their Wacky Sculptures

By Trish Smith |
Electronic waste gets recycled into awesome sculptures thanks to a few creative artists!

Electronic waste gets recycled into awesome sculptures thanks to a few creative artists!

Did you know that over 70% of heavy metals in U.S. landfills come from computers? These metals release up to 38 different chemical elements into the waste stream, contaminating the soil and the wildlife around it. Now that’s a lot of unnecessary harm being caused by waste that should have been recycled.

Instead of conventionally recycling the electronic waste for its lead, copper and gold, some people get a bit more creative and turn the trash into awesome art. Here are a few of these e-waste artists.

Miguel Rivera’s Hard Drive Sculptures
Miguel Rivera is a systems administrator who, according to an article in Green Diary, has created “a car from 33 hard drives, a mini car that took 29 hard drives, a fat boy motorcycle with 36 discs and dedicated to the US selfless troops, and his masterpiece i.e. a robot made from 14 laptop hard drives, 18 additional discs from gutted hard drives and spare parts.”

Take a look for yourself:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

The Alexdromeda Project
Alexdromeda is a combination of the artist’s name, which is Alexandro, with Andromeda, the name of a science fiction galaxy. The artist recycles old and obsolete electronic waste into “cosmic” designs that look like futuristic movie props.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Pilot Glasses

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Trinity Star Cruiser

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
The Observer

Texas Sculptor George Sabra
According to George’s website, “Mr. Sabra uses many materials from the environment to create pieces that appear a hand woven blend of natural elements.” These elements definitely look like they’re “naturally” from outer space.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Found Object Sculptor Brenda Guyton
Brenda Guyton is an artist that grew up playing outdoors with lizards and insects, but also stayed indoors and worked with computers. She creates figurative sculptors that evoke images of the “future is now.”

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Mama, Lambsey and Divey

These “wasteful” artists are a talented bunch, and I hope that they continue to inspire others to reduce their waste and to increase their talents.

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  • Donna P. 5 years ago
    Very creative. It would be a good influence on kids to learn about recycling since school is starting by having them bring in something they created using old and obsolete materials
  • Chuck S. 5 years ago
    Not trying to troll your article, especially since I'm a BIG fan of recycling...But Andromeda is NOT a fictional galxy...It really exists...


  • Ricci J. 5 years ago
    I love these ideas! I'm going to use them in one of the art classes I teach. Good stuff!
  • Susan S. 5 years ago
    Very creative!
  • Elaine F. 5 years ago
    those are cool sculptures.