Live Green and Earn Points


  • Peg R. 8 months ago
    I have a special Valentine's Day memory about receiving a large potted plant arrangement 41 years ago from a friend who is now my husband. That's how I found out he liked me as more than just a friend! We separated the plants from that arrangement and I was able to keep some of them alive in bigger pots for many years.
  • Audrey N. 8 months ago
    I love getting potted plants
  • Bj S. 8 months ago
    When your flower fade don't put them in the trash compost them. It's nature's way to recycle
  • Debra B. 8 months ago
    I am making handmade valentines with the majority of mt special needs students this week. We use construction paper, old cars, scraps of materials or lace, etc. We also use my rubber stamps, paper punches and craft punches, and stickers. Some of the students practice their handwriting skills by writing a few sentences, while others require hand over hand assistance to sign their name. The thought and love that they put into this is amazing! They beam when they show their work off to friends and staff at school. Lastly the recipient of the card and the child get to share and talk about what went into it.
  • wayne w. 8 months ago
    This year I will give my spouse a homemade card.
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