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Reclaimed Barn Wood Links Past and Future

By Sebrina Zerkus Smith |
The appeal of reclaimed wood, especially barn wood is it’s time-tested durability and character.
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Old growth timber, salvaged from run-down barns is fast becoming one of the most prized types of reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed barn wood is harvested, milled and then reinvented into new flooring, beams, wood paneling, lumber, and wood furniture. The appeal of reclaimed wood, especially barn wood is it’s time-tested durability and character.

The beautiful colors and rich patinas can only come through as time passes. No new wood, even wood that is “distressed” to look old, can compare with the real thing.

Barn wood is especially prized for its wide planks and massive, hand-hewn beams which can be used in new home construction. Old wood beams are often found in sizes that are unmatched in today's lumber yards.

Recycled lumber is also a drier wood. It's much less likely to twist, warp or shrink. A tree used to make this barn may have grown in an ancient forest where it had to compete with other trees for light and nourishment. Ancient trees grew more slowly, so their lumber is strong and their growth-rings dense. Trees grown on a tree farm don't have to compete for space and light, and are harvested before the trees get very old.

For thousands of years aged forests were undisturbed, and stately trees grew slowly to jumbo heights and massive diameters.

When the last of these majestic trees were felled and the big timber taken to the saw mills, it was the end of a special era in our country's history.

When this beautiful antique lumber is rescued, we’re really reclaiming a part of Americas past, and preserving it for the future.

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  • VALERIE H. 5 years ago
    reuse, recycle, and re-think. Wow
  • Carla B. 5 years ago
    We live way way out in the middle of no where and I love it! Around here reclaimed barn wood comes at a high cost. Some barnes are a hundred years old and the wood is still as beautiful as the day it was first used.

    Thank You
    Rural Indiana
  • Dona D. 5 years ago
    Old Barn wood makes wonderful repurposed floors or walls, Also makes wonderful signs with great character. Beams from old barns look great when brougt indoors.
  • Stacy S. 5 years ago
    good info
  • Sandy S. 5 years ago
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