Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    We just use regular dishess.
  • 10 years ago
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  • 10 years ago
    I use real plates and utensiles on the boat and on the beach. I have a hamper full of clean ones and a hamper to put the dirty dishes in for the trip home. I hate leaving garbage in garbage cans on the beach. And they don't blow away in the wind while your eating.

  • 10 years ago
    save time and energy to use paper plates
  • 10 years ago
    I recycle window envelopes to my daughters school, if they need to send notes and such home, they use the window envelopes. I also use them to sort grocery coupons. Each grocery store has one and each type of product has one. (paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.)
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