Live Green and Earn Points


  • Teresa B. 9 years ago
    It does taste different in a box.
  • Robert B. 9 years ago
    Not a wine drinker
  • emily m. 9 years ago
    before the bottle of wine was a clay burned flask, concerns yourselves more with topics that matter far greatly if the environment wants to have you protect it.
    stop coal industry in USA while still exporting coal to China serves the purpose of greed.
    burn coal without regulation in China equal to the US and the trade winds disperse the pollution here is a topic of greater concern over some bottle of wine.
    i could care less if bottles or boxes of wine are used when the bleeding hearts still prefer to export pollution to unregulated messes like China and not think that the mess will never return home.
    Concerned about the effects of travel for having bottles or boxes made, i bet bottles come from china too. you buy trash from china and then you bleed comments about bottles of booze.
  • Marie S. 9 years ago
    I do not agree that this person is a snob. I agree that box wine is not the same. I do not care how much you say it is. All these years in a bottle it has to change the flavor. She just wanted to know what are good wines that are lighter bottles, meaning less weight for transport.