Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sharon B. 8 years ago
    There is always the CONE OF SHAME .....
  • Bradley B. 9 years ago
    Husband Reward Program. Before introducing the scheme, ask a husband about some fun outside activities he'd like to do with you or reasonable entertainment requests. Set a simple goal for him at first that allows for accidents (oops) & reward him accordingly. Make it fun & you'll both enjoy the relationship building benefits. Perhaps he can set-up a return challenge for you or one both can work together on.
  • Barbara F. 9 years ago
    Glad my husband is already on board with recycling!
  • Cynthia L. 9 years ago
    Sounds like he is "testing the boundaries" so to speak, and it is not really over recycling...I have beem married for 38 years. A life long relationship is about compromise and respect. They both have some "issues" to work out together. Best to both of them!
  • Rebecca R. 9 years ago
    I think a better question to pose is why would one refuse to do something as simple as toss a can in a recycling bin instead of the trash when it's that important to their partner? Sounds like he has some kind of personal problem.
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