Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bradley B. 9 years ago
    I loved the pop can/lunch idea whether he was aware or not at first. It opens up the opportunity for conversation/reward. In my situation, the opportunity to recycle for co-workers/students needs to be simple/effective. Being an elementary custodian, I carefully ponder different problem-solving ideas & how to implement changes effectively without generating backlash....then encourage the steps people make. When co-workers recognize the difference from their old method & it becomes a good habit (approx. 21 days to create new habit), they are onboard.....then introduce another step.
  • VALERIE H. 9 years ago
    becareful what questions you might just get an answer.
  • Terry M. 9 years ago
  • Steve K. 9 years ago
  • Sandy S. 9 years ago
    Move green
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