Live Green and Earn Points


  • Dona E. 5 years ago
    I'm a vegan except for eggs/dairy, where no animal is harmed for the food I eat. Vegetarian except for chicken/turkey since 12 years old until food poisoning 5 years ago from too old chicken!!!! :-( I respect everyone else and their food choices, but they can have all the bird meat they want.....not me!! Vegan/vegetarianism is better for the earth!
  • Dolores M. 5 years ago
    Let the Turkey live and go vegetarian!
  • tommy b. 5 years ago
  • Ken H. 8 years ago
    All things natural... simply the best way to live!
  • Brandon P. 8 years ago
    Having heritage breed livestock is very important to help ensure bio-diversity. Thanks for the great article!
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