Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lawrence M. 7 years ago
    great ideas.
  • Jean G. 8 years ago
    I think using real glasses and dishes says a lot about the level of 'partyness' that's going on. I watch for sets of glasses/dishes at Costco and when they're on sale to be discontinued I snap them up. Now I have several different types of place settings - festive colors, shapes and designs that cost practically nothing as well as great beverage glasses and servers. buy gigantic tablecloths on sale as well - one matching huge one and one to fit the table. I cut the huge one up and make cocktail and/or dinner napkins to match the table or wraps and bows for the chairs. Huge tablecloths can be had all day long for $5 or so, and make wonderful curtain panels.

    Liked the article, but I have an issue with the drinks! Beautiful specialized drinks with fancy ingredients....but the non-drinkers get filtered water? Boo. At least as much creativity and effort should go into the non-drinker's drinks as into the drinker's beverages. How sad to come dressed to party, bring a hostess gift, see the pretty drinks everyone is holding, and be handed a pitcher of water "Here, help yourself." Really? How about those large glass drink dispensers with an assortment of fresh fruit floating in blackberry herbal iced tea, or scooped out pineapples as cups to hold icy fresh fruit punch, or imported ginger 'beer' or, or, or, I could just go on and on but I'll spare you. My point is just that because we're going 'green' doesn't mean that we're going spare, dry or boring. Liven it up, peeps! It's summertime! Party on, dudes!
  • sunny e. 8 years ago
    love it
  • Allison J. 9 years ago
    love it!!
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    good ideas.
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