Live Green and Earn Points


  • Samuel S. 11 months ago
    We installed rain diverters to our downspouts and catch rain to water our trees and plants. It saves tap water and puts rainwater where it does the most good (not in the street gutter).
  • Beverly M. 3 years ago
    Im a committed to recycling, but find it hard to follow the clean your plastics before placing in the bin. Shampoo, conditioners, body wash etc have covers that are impossible for me to get off so I can rinse them properly. Does anyone else have this problem? I plan to write to the makers of Pantene, Suave, VO 5 etc to ask them to make screw on covers that have large openings to make cleaning easier. Even some food bottles in glass and plastic have the same issue. I think trying to clean our recycles before recycling aggrivates some people to just toss it into the garbage, or even worse toss in into the recycle bin still dirty or full of soap. Companies should make it easier on us to follow the rules.
  • Debra S. 7 years ago
    By buying certified organic food
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
  • Angelica R. 10 years ago
    I am recycling!
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