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  • verna h. 8 years ago
    I usually call these Fartichokes for giggles!!
  • verna h. 8 years ago
    Beware they do spread an awful lot. Also they are known to cause a lot of gas on your stomach. Great peeled and boiled like regular potatoes, than add butter, and sour cream.
  • Denise P. 8 years ago
    Love these! But be prepared, they spread and are hard to get rid of.
  • Debra H. 8 years ago
    I've always wondered how to use them. Thanks for the great tips!
  • Mollyann H. 8 years ago
    We love Jerusalem Artichokes and grow them in our yard. I love to huge plants and the bright yellow flowers. But, if they continue to produce like they have so far, we are going to need lots of new recipes!
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