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  • marcy v. 1 year ago
    Sew buttons that are in the little plastic bags at time of purchase to the inside of the lower part of the item ( like in most mens dress shirts); that way if I lose a button I don't have to go through my sewing box or bag of buttons to find "the one."
  • marcy v. 1 year ago
    Often if there is a shirt, dress, pants, etc that is either on clearance at Kohls or whatever, or at a thrift store but it is a size or two too big but all else is EXACTLY what I want or am looking for I will buy it inexpensively and take to local tailor to customize. I can do basic sewing but not an all-over tailor. A `100$ dress bought for 8$ plus 30$ tailor is still a good buy.
  • Kathleen S. 1 year ago
    Knowing how to sew a bit has really helped me keep a lot of my clothing. Most of the time it's just a button or a seam that's come undone. I fix them and I can keep them for many more years!
  • Howard S. 1 year ago
    Does anybody know if airline baggage routing tags can be recycled? I travel a lot and do not know how to dispose of them
  • Jeanette P. 1 year ago
    Always wash jeans in cold water and hang dry, especially those with lycra, elastane or spandex.
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