Live Green and Earn Points


  • Kelly F. 9 years ago
    i think it will always be the case that people will need to discuss what's right vs what's convenient and people will have diff. views on what is right or convenient. it will always be an issue, i don't see people slowing down; alot of people do things on the go and don't wanna carry everything can't eliminate everything! you can't change everything! it's like my uncle said that u can do good for the environment but if u do EVERYTHING then we might as well live in caves (it'd be like going backwards) but to make small changes makes a big difference and is doable; we're only human after all; 1 less minute in the shower or 1 more bottle/container added to the yellow recycle bin instead of the garbage bag makes a difference or using aerosols without CFCs (not all aerosol cans contain CFCs which are bad for the ozone layer)
  • Maria S. 9 years ago
    How true. All this will hopefully come automatically to our kids.
  • Ben M. 9 years ago
    Right On, This is the way we should all start thinking.
  • nancy s. 9 years ago
    The price alone for most of the single size disposable items prevents some of us from making the purchase.
  • M H. 9 years ago
    it was a good article worth to read.
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