Live Green and Earn Points


  • Diane M. 6 months ago
    RE: Valentine chocolates - We are blessed to live in a place with artisanal, organic chocolate makers. The first year my husband bought me a beautiful heart box and selected the chocolates he knew I would like. The box was so beautiful I saved it. Now he brings the box back each year and refills it, which pleases the chocolate maker as well as me. We all win!
  • Lana B. 3 years ago
    Looks like those bags could make good cosmetic bags, fit the purse and keep lipstick, eye pencils etc all in one place. Could use for laundry bag when washing nylon pantie hose throw in washer. Use for doggie treats when traveling.
  • A B. 3 years ago
    Dose it need to be stylish or is it ok to reuse the every day ziplock bags many times until they fall apart. We buy prepackaged foods with ziplocks at the top these days. I figure the seal is there to be used more than once. Why buy more stuff when we can reuse. To buy more stuff only says to me that people are still willing to spend more $ when recycling is the object. When you buy a re-zip snack bag like above are you able to recycle it when you no longer want it??? Lots of gadgets are a waste because we have everything already in our daily life. It all comes down to aesthetics!!!