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  • julie b. 8 months ago
    We scatter all of our nutshells into our mulched areas.
  • Allison M. 10 months ago
    Volunteer tomatoes and pumpkins!
  • Janette H. 2 years ago
    Are the shells of pistachios safe to compost? Seems like they are processed with salt and maybe something else. It says in this article that nutshells are compost-able...
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
  • Meg P. 4 years ago
    Are you sure about the fireplace ashes? Granted, they are burned paper and wood, but I thought they were too acidic. Hope someone really knows.
    • becky b. 4 years ago
      I have read that once the ashes are added to the compost pile, and begin to compost, they then lose their acidity.
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