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Infographic: Mining Black Gold

By Recyclebank |

Taken together, the impacts of composting make dollars and sense.

We call compost “black gold” because it’s rich in nutrients and it seeds another investment: a garden of fruits and vegetables. Wealth begets wealth, and when it comes to composting, the riches aren’t just metaphorical. See the infographic below for more info on all the ways composting can pay dividends.

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What are some benefits you’ve mined from composting? Share them in the comments below!

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  • julie b. 1 month ago
    We scatter all of our nutshells into our mulched areas.
  • Allison M. 3 months ago
    Volunteer tomatoes and pumpkins!
  • Janette H. 1 year ago
    Are the shells of pistachios safe to compost? Seems like they are processed with salt and maybe something else. It says in this article that nutshells are compost-able...
  • tommy b. 3 years ago
  • Meg P. 3 years ago
    Are you sure about the fireplace ashes? Granted, they are burned paper and wood, but I thought they were too acidic. Hope someone really knows.
    • becky p. 3 years ago
      I have read that once the ashes are added to the compost pile, and begin to compost, they then lose their acidity.
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