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  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    2 of those suggestions are very dangerous, well 3 of them. Old "used" ropes are not appropriate for chew toys since who knows what bacteria and fungal spores are embedded in that rope. Dogs are especially susceptible to the fungus that lives out here in the ground in Los Angeles and which causes Valley Fever in humans and also in dogs. If they are chewing on a spore infested rope they can get either the traditional Valley Fever OR worse, a Fungal Pneumonia. So use NEW, clean rope and wash it in hot water (no detergent) once a week. Next up is the idea that duct tape around Newspaper is EVER safe for dogs. The adhesive is far to strong. Dogs can even swallow pieces of such a ball and wind up needing emergency surgery. NEVER give your dog anything with Duct tape or Duck Tape or whatever you call it where you live. Finally, the idea that all hoses are made of Rubber is woefully out of date. Most are made of composite materials. Do NOT cut up a hose and give it to your dog as a chew toy. SOme of the ideas are OK such as the frozen knotted washcloth but be sure that washcloth is NEW and made of natural fiber. Once it has gotten shredded through play and chewing, dispose of it properly. Also, make surer you wash that thing after every freeze & thaw cycle. As for the fungus that causes Valley fever, it is called , Coccidioides immitis. When someone of your pet becomes ill from it, it is called "Coccidioidomycosis" and your dog most usually gets it from natural digging behavior. if your dog is a digger of holes, you need to break that behavior with re-direction. Clicker training with treats helps as does maintaining a proper lawn or natural drought-tolerant lawn. I've known dogs who've died from valley fever infections in their lungs specifically due to digging behavior their "parents" thought was oh so funny until it killed them. It's an agonizing death too. More info on Valley Fever here:
  • julie w. 5 years ago
    After a prolonged stay in hospital, I ended up with a few pairs of those non-slip socks...I washed, then tied one pair together in the middle very tight, my heeler loves these! Safe around tv sets as they are soft.
  • Susan Z. 5 years ago
    My mother use to use my brother's and father socks. she would put one rolled up sock inside the other sock, tie a knot and place a another sock (3rd) into the first sock then tie a sock again, Our Beagle would go crazy for this toy.
  • Glyn L. 5 years ago
    Also, things like old towels and sheets can be reused as pet bedding, especially in the winter when they need more layers between them and a cold floor. If you don't have pets yourself, look into donating old items to a pet shelter! They always need rags and bedding and toys.
  • Terry M. 5 years ago
    I agree with previous post, when the cat is tired of this type of toy, recycle it. Later, when you have more, do it again! The cat will be interested anew!
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