Live Green and Earn Points


  • Carrie P. 6 months ago
    Great ideas! Thank you!
  • S C. 1 year ago
    I like the suggestion of sculpting out as best as possible - one thing at a time. Helps me to narrow down what is important for the time being and to focus on that one thing within the demands of daily life. Helps me to foster self control and accomplishing that one thing at a time-to be proud of doing. A yaay! moment. Looking to build up my sustainability activities and improvements. Anticipating a fun, warm and busy 2019 spring and summer! This site is encouraging with many positive ideas and suggestions. Have a great day everyone.
  • Lynne H. 1 year ago
    Please do NOT throw away your mascara wands. Instead, clean JUST THE WAND with dawn soap, place them in a ziploc bag and mail them to a Wildlife Refuge accepting donations. These little wands are able to be upcycled to clean away oil, larvae, fly eggs, mites, infections, mud and other contaminants from wildlife. Works great for medical care and wound treatment

    Pick your refuge to mail to:

    Appalachian Wild
    P.O. Box 1211
    Skyland NC 28776


    Wildlife Wands
    P.O. Box 1586
    Southwick, MA 01077.
  • Gail F. 1 year ago
    Thanks for the links for the carbon footprint and water usage calculators. I will definitely use those to help plan my goals. Gail F.
  • Linda W. 1 year ago
    Recently started a compost pile, and while it certainly isn't a work of art, it works, and I'm kind of happy about it! This will be the first full year it has been used, I'm impressed with how much material is NOT going into my trash can!
    • BenD@Recyclebank 1 year ago

      Congrats on your first compost pile, Linda! Thank you for doing your part to reduce landfill waste, and thus, greenhouse gases!

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