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How much post-consumer textile waste is sent to landfills in the United States each year? 5

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  • VICKI R. 3 months ago
    I guess they are running out of questions to ask so they are doing repeats. Still fun though just in case you missed one. I found a couple I knew I did but I must have forgotten to click on the button to earn the points.
  • Gala H. 3 months ago
    Im in shock at the amount of textile waste. Our family donates our clean Used clothes.
  • Barbara W. 3 months ago
    Question of the day for the 13th .... what about the 14th? no question??
    One day last week it was the same thing , no question!
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Last week it was missing on the 7th also ........!
    • Geff M. 3 months ago
      the 7th is there; all u need 2 do is click on "Question of the Day" pic (as usual), then scroll down & every date is listed since Day 1. U can go back on any previous date to view if u rec'd pts or u can check ur "Activity" log. ... as for dates 14th & 15th, they're not listed (yet) & there are 2 different dates listed for 12th.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      You are right the 7th IS there ! I figure one of the 2 on the 12th is for the 13th , Maybe?? The 14 & 15th showed up today on the 15th
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Nope, one for the 12th is the (Q of the day) and the other is "The list" . Therefore there is no Q of the Day for the 13th.
    • Barbara W. 3 months ago
      Hummmmmm, I see someone is trying to fix the dates on Q of the day .. that's a good thing!!! Today is now the 16th, but no coordinating question for 16th yet, ( shows the one for the 15th?) wonder if it comes out later in the day?
  • VICKI R. 3 months ago
    That is a lot of textile waste. Never realized that, I usually do not send used clothing to the landfill, I try to donate it if possible and if not I use as rags until I can not use any more, but than I guess I do finally throw it away. I will have to be more observant about this in the future.
    • Lucy T. 3 months ago
      Agree 100%! Around here, Goodwill accepts *clean* textiles for recycling. Check your area thrift stores to see if any do the same.