Live Green and Earn Points


  • Susie C. 8 months ago
    Nothing is wasted at my house! I now have everyone fighting over leftovers. I’ll also freeze leftovers and recook them at a later date as something completely different. What scraps there are go into the compost bin or worm box. I also use the coffee grounds and broken up egg shells to fertilize my plants. I agree with the others, it’s in restaurants that I see huge wastes - especially those all you can eat buffets . . .
  • VICKI R. 8 months ago
    I have had to completely change the way I cook since my husband passed because I noticed I was throwing away way to much food by me cooking the same way, so now I have cut in half what I buy and if I have left overs I put in a tray and freeze it for another time when I am in a hurry. When I go to the store and they have chicken breast, for instance, on sale I go ahead and buy them and take out my seal a meal and put one to a bag and freeze them that way. I do that to almost everything I buy now, thank goodness for my seal a meal machine. Now as for the eating establishment and grocery store they need to do a lot better, they waste so much food and one of our stores here, if they see someone in the dumpster they call the cops to arrest them for stealing which I think is stupid. I think if the food isn't good enough to stay in the stores but not expired or rotten put it aside and let someone that is hungry and can't get to a food bank have it. And before anyone says it I know there are problems with that but than the stores should just bite the bullet and donate to the food banks instead of wasting all that stuff. I am sorry I have went on so long but I am very concerned about the hungry in our country many of which are the elderly and Vets.
    • Lucy S. 8 months ago
      Had to make the same adjustment, Vicki. And I now do the same as you as far as buying/freezing food. (There are some advantages of living alone :-\).
    • VICKI R. 8 months ago
      I haven't found any advantages of living alone yet, but maybe I will as time passes. God Bless
    • Barbara W. 8 months ago
      I love my precious dog like a child,. He brings me company. warmth, peace of mind and a smile! I also find comfort in a nice stuffed soft animal too!
  • Deirdre B. 8 months ago
    Eating establishments and grocery stores need to do better with unsellable useable food. If the food is ok they should donate it. Personally it would hurt my heart to dump out good food when someone could eat it. As I society, some people need to do way, way better.
  • Mary P. 8 months ago
    we do our best but I still see a lot of wasted food in our own home.
  • D G. 8 months ago
    Must be at the retail level; we eat almost all our leftovers.
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