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  • Lucy S. 8 months ago
    Ask mothers and teachers of pre-schoolers in your community if they want paper for their kids to draw on: any paper that's blank on one side (no lines, etc) .
  • Michael C. 8 months ago
    Last month, I recycled 17 pounds of cardboard, and 11 pounds of plastic. So far this month, I have dropped off 12 pounds of cardboard, and 4 pounds of plastic, and will be dropping off about 40 pounds of tin cans.
  • Sue C. 8 months ago
    I got that question wrong. However; some paper isn't just from new trees alone. Some of it is a mix of recycled consumer paper or some is just from recycled material. I try to be conservative with my paper usage and I recycle loose papers in with curbside recycling. If you notice even cereal boxes contain some recycled paper.
  • Tom H. 8 months ago
    Which means that if you use 1 ton of paper, you are ADDING 23 trees to the world. Becuase unless you are making expensive, leather bound books, the paper that you used were made from trees that exist SOLELY to supply the pulp to make that paper. And if the demand for that paper was no longer there, those trees would NOT be grown. The tree farms would be sold to the highest bidder, and almost certainly plowed over to use that land in some other way.
  • Audrey N. 9 months ago
    I agree with Erica
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