Live Green and Earn Points


  • Roger H. 9 months ago
    Unless it's broken :(
  • Audrey N. 9 months ago
    Good info
  • Patti T. 9 months ago
  • Cynthia K. 9 months ago
  • Randy F. 9 months ago
    I wish there were less types of product glass available: I have great cologne bottles, drinking glasses, vases, windows, pitchers, lamps, fridge shelves, poster frame glass, drink stirrers, coffee & tea carafes, candy jars etc . . . and Zer0 can be placed into the recycle bin!
    Totally Sucks!

    Besides general melting point issues for all glass, lead glass is suddenly discovered as toxic due to 'leaching'. Before I was 'Awoke', I used to to think future pickle jars could be made from my old leaded champagne flutes and what not [^above^] - bringing the glass quality higher :-)

    ( Above items can be UPcycled when possible though)
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