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How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year?

By Recyclebank |

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  • Rebecca D. 9 days ago
    I can not believe that people do not donate more clothes, sheets, etc. to charity. I missed that question because we donate so much as the boys outgrow their clothes. How can we make people more aware? Also, I clean out my closet twice a year because of items I decide I do not like....aren't we all like that?
  • Barbara C. 10 days ago
    If you watch your weight, you can keep wearing the same size clothing each year, and you won't need to buy new outfits for each season. I have some nice wool sweaters that are 30 years old. I wash them out in cold water with a gentle hand-dishwashing soap, and put them away in a plastic box each summer, with a bar of lavender soap inside to keep away moths.
  • Laura L. 12 days ago
    Thredup takes nice womens, juniors, or kids clothing and sells it for you or donates it if it's not in good condition. You just request a bag, fill it, and drop it in the mail for free. Veterans organizations always need clothing too, especially for job interviews.
  • wayne w. 13 days ago
    We have donated volumes of clothing and repurposed clothing into quilting squares and numerous uses.
  • Audrey N. 13 days ago
    I need to clean out my closet and donate my clothes.
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