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How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year? 5

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How many pounds of clothing does the average American donate or recycle each year?
This amount is only about 15% of the total apparel, footwear, and household textiles (like bedding and towels) that could be recycled each year!
  • 12 pounds
  • 20 pounds
  • 34 pounds
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  • Chris G. 7 days ago
    Most people don't know how to sew anymore and would have no clue how to sew on a button.
  • Chris G. 8 days ago
    We all have to learn how to sew a seam, sew on a button and sew on a zipper like our grandmothers did. I still darn small holes in my socks if they are new enough and are not getting bare. I use them to dust after they are getting thin.
    • Cindy W. 8 days ago
      I know how to do these things too and I find I save a lot when I do repair, however, you would be surprised how many people don't know how or claim they don't have the time for doing these simple repairs. They should learn or take the time to repair, but, some people just don't seem interested.
  • tommy b. 9 days ago
  • Cindy W. 9 days ago
    Some people don't want to donate clothes if they have to sew a button back on or fix a zipper. Goodwill and Salvation Army require all clothing items be in perfect condition. These same people usually have very nice clothes and it seems a shame to hear that they just toss them out.
    • Gina L. 9 days ago
      I believe it may depend upon the service you donate to. I have seen the opposite side which states either of your donation companies wash or dry clean before giving out the clothing, fixtures, furniture, etc. I believe the better the area you live in the better the donations. In fact, I know well-off people who shop at these locations knowing they will get great deals. If a button is missing they have the means to replace.
    • Cindy W. 8 days ago
      Where I live at and cities surrounding, I know they require it with all the buttons on or they won't accept it. I can understand clothes being clean, but, it sometimes prevents people to donate nice clothes if its just a button that fell off. I think the stores should accept and just pin a note that a button is missing rather than see it thrown out.
    • Chris G. 8 days ago
      I have lived all over the world and I have never known a place that fixes or repairs items unless they are of high value and one of the volunteers volunteer to do that.
    • Cindy W. 8 days ago
      I don't expect the volunteers to fix it. I'm saying tag it with missing button so the buyer knows they need to fix. Some of the clothes my friends were throwing out were quality clothes but they don't want to take the time to repair so they toss. This is a real shame because I wouldn't mind seeing those outfits if they were in my size with just mild mending such as sewing on buttons or sew a seam that came apart. These stores could even have a section labeled 2nds or needing repairs. It's far better than throwing out.
  • michael h. 9 days ago
    Where did that figure come from? All around me I see re-sale shops, and particularly children's clothing gets passed around family or friends, before hitting those shops. Among my friends and relations lots gets donated to shelters, schools, and charities. The VVA and Veterans of America pick up, so it's hassle free. I can't believe it only amounts to 12lbs. on average! Of course we may be buying less and extending the life of our clothes more, which is a better option.
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