Live Green and Earn Points


  • Kathy H. 10 years ago
    We already do and we are glad to help maintain God's beautiful creation!
  • Johanna E. 10 years ago
    I am an advocate for teaching the younger generation to recycle. I's in my mid-twenties, but was brought up recycling. So much to the point that I cringe when something can't be recycled. This is a little off topic, but goes along with the topic of children - does anyone know if the plastic that is used in packaging toys is recyclable? I try to avoid any packaging that is not 100% recyclable, but sometimes it does in fact contain that plastic nonsense. And I would hate to throw that away if it can somehow be recycled. I've searched the internet, but I cannot find an answer...any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have a little mound of plastic from toy packaging that is just collecting dust, waiting to be recycled!
  • Aaron M. 10 years ago
    We let it be a game for our daughter. She tells us what the trash is made of (plastic, glass, etc) and then she decides if it can be recycled and gets to put it in the correct waste bin.

    She is so proud because she can do it, but her tougher brother isn't big enough to open the waste bin ... Yet!
  • Melody H. 10 years ago
    i will
  • bhaktvanti p. 10 years ago
    Make it fun
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