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How are different types of plastic identified for separation at the MRF?

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  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • vernyce d. 3 years ago
    are Kcups for making coffee recyclable?
    • Lorena L. 3 years ago
      They have a liner inside them (a mini coffee filter). If you remove that, you can probably toss it in with your recycle plastics.
    • Brenda B. 3 years ago
      Plastic Kcups are not recyclable. However, compostable Kcups are available and are indicated as compostable on the Kcup box.
    • Cindy C. 3 years ago
      I use the coffee grounds & the filters from k-cups as compost. Rinse and dry white plastic cups for arts and crafts projects or check if art teachers or elementary school teachers could use them for projects. You can also use the small cups for planting seedlings in the house so they get a head start in spring.
  • JC G. 3 years ago
  • Susan Z. 3 years ago
    If this is true,
    then why must I worry about the recycle code number?