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  • Alrena A. 9 years ago
    Totally cool. My grandparents did this way back in the 60s with recycled beer cans in the basement of their house in Alaska. It eventually started caving in about 45yrs later.
  • kristie b. 9 years ago
    holy moly this is awsome! makes me want to build something lol
  • Kellie C. 9 years ago
    First, I think that this is a wonderful way to recycle, but I do have a case of fire are toxins released? I know homes for how ever many trumps a small percentage of fires, but the concern is still there.
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    Those are some pretty cool houses.
  • Serious L. 9 years ago
    On another note, regarding the article, I would appreciate more in-depth details about the construction using the PET bottles.. are the filled bottles adhered or mortared together with a specific material? Or are they simply stacked, relying on the weight of the filling to stabilize the stacking? What about deterioration over time? To my understanding, plastic does degrade in direct (UV) sunlight. Diagrams of construction techniques and/or more photo documentation during construction would be helpful.
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