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  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    E-vites are fine if everyone you're inviting is under 35. There's still something to be said for mailed invitations, especially if your guests are sticklers for proper etiquette, even for a BBQ. The less formal, the more E-vite friendly but any event where you expect guests to show up in more than jeans and a T-shirt should require a proper invitation. You can design them online and have them mailed for you and choose a card stock that uses recycled paper. Another suggestion would be to make a personal phonecall to people who hate E-vites. You can also start an Event Page on Facebook which helps get the word out but there will still ALWAYS be people who are offended by taking everything in life online, no matter what their age. Some folks just prefer that invitation in their hand. Know who they are and meet their needs.
    • Lucy L. 4 years ago
      I agree re: e-vites. However, I think the issue is not so much that some people "hate" e-vites. It's more that not everyone is "plugged in" every minute of the day. [Dinosaur roar] A phone call would work fine for these folks.
    • lisa p. 4 years ago
      I think it depends on age and the etiquette you were taught. My mother is greatly insulted when she doesn't get a written invitation or a handwritten thank you note, sympathy card etc. She doesn't like computer printed notes much either but tolerates them with much griping. I guess she's just a Martha Stewart kinda gal! I know people my age and younger who still stick to that oprinted invitation rule for everything and E-viting them is like asking them to stay away. I agree that not everyone is connected but sometimes it pays to invest some time and money to avoid offending people who are prickly pears and you don't even know.
    • Lucy L. 4 years ago
      Yes, etiquette does come into play. But not for everyone. I look at my brother who is limited (mainly economically) to using a desktop with a dialup connection - which is a downright painful experience. Many people just don't have the funds to support a smart phone/tablet/internet connection that allows them to be connected 24/7.
    • Barbara B. 4 years ago
      Know your audience,..... not everyone is a sum total of whats on their I-phone!
    • Barbara B. 4 years ago
      Thank You!
  • tommy b. 6 years ago
  • Cynthia B. 6 years ago
    Just did my first evite last month! Saved paper, didn't have to buy stamps, and got prompt responses.
  • Emily Y. 9 years ago
    Thanks for the ideas!
  • Robert B. 9 years ago
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