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Host A Labor Day Bash Mother Nature Will Thank You For

By Two Girls Go Green |

High on style and low on a carbon footprint, this party is sure to please your family and friends.

Labor Day is right around the corner. Made any plans yet? No? Well then, we’ve got just the thing: host an eco-friendly bash. It’s fun, simple and easy to do. We’ll even break it down for you in five steps.

1. E-vites
(Yes, you read that right- “e”, not “in.” Ditch the paper and go high-tech.) Tells people what’s going on and set’s the mood. Choose something that expresses who you are and communicates your love of nature. Type in your details and the guest list and hit send.

2. Appearance
Now that you’ve got the basic info out there, it’s time to select your table settings and decorations. (My favorite part – and a great way to get the family and kids involved.) Use washable dish wear. It takes a little longer to clean up, but is way less wasteful than disposable stuff. If you’ve got more people than a single table set can handle, mix it up! Intermix a couple different ones for a whole new look.

For decorations, get creative: what do you have that could be turned into something fabulous? Let your kids make a Labor Day banner out of old t-shirts that have been quilted together. Cut fruits and veggies into random shapes and build your own Edible Arrangements – esque centerpiece. Have fun with it!

3. Food
(Which, arguably, may also be my favorite part…) Select locally grown, seasonal items. Your farmers market is a great place to start. Serve foods that don’t require extra plates for folks to carry around. Think “finger” size. (Fresh cut veggies work wonders.) If you’re lucky enough to live off the water and can easily get some shrimp, snag a couple pounds. Delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare.

4. Drinks
There are lots of great eco-friendly guzzlers for the quaffing. Check out these eco-friendly cocktails, invent your own or hit up Google. Or check out one of Two Girls Go Green’s previous posts.

5. Fun
Having activities available for your guests is always a good idea. If you have a decent size back or front yard, throw up a volleyball or badminton net. Play a game of tag with the kids. Frisbee works too. Keep everyone outside and moving, enjoying nature and a (hopefully) beautiful day.

Give it a try - you’ll be the talk of town, and your earth-loving actions will speak even louder. Don’t forget to share your pics with us on the Recyclebank Facebook page!

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  • lisa p. 11 months ago
    E-vites are fine if everyone you're inviting is under 35. There's still something to be said for mailed invitations, especially if your guests are sticklers for proper etiquette, even for a BBQ. The less formal, the more E-vite friendly but any event where you expect guests to show up in more than jeans and a T-shirt should require a proper invitation. You can design them online and have them mailed for you and choose a card stock that uses recycled paper. Another suggestion would be to make a personal phonecall to people who hate E-vites. You can also start an Event Page on Facebook which helps get the word out but there will still ALWAYS be people who are offended by taking everything in life online, no matter what their age. Some folks just prefer that invitation in their hand. Know who they are and meet their needs.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Cynthia B. 1 year ago
    Just did my first evite last month! Saved paper, didn't have to buy stamps, and got prompt responses.
  • Emily Y. 4 years ago
    Thanks for the ideas!
  • Robert B. 4 years ago
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