Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    I make brownies.
  • Terri M. 10 years ago
    I want to continue doing this in 2012
  • s m. 10 years ago
    one year along with other presents my mom made donuts another year we received a basket made of fruit candy and nuts which we enjoyed then we had the basket to use all year when all was eaten
  • candace b. 10 years ago
    My husband and I started a few years ago making xlg ginger bread men decorated with all types of facial expressions then made clothe christmas bags and put them in it for all of the families on both sides of the family. This year we made cookies that looked like melted snow men along with 6pc handmade wine glass cozy's. Everyone loved the ideas. I used fabric that I had left over from other projects. Then for a special gift for mom I made a crocheted doily to put on her kitchen table. That was priceless to see her face once she saw that it was handmade. I think that was the best gift she could have given me was the look on her face of how much she loved it :)
  • Susan B. 10 years ago
    We like to make our own chocolate dipped pretzels or mini loaves to give to friends and neighbors.
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