Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lisa D. 8 years ago
    I TRY to start shopping right after Christmas w/75% sales, as $ is really limited...also I ck yard sales aLOT-I find often, NEW items still boxed/store wrapped! @nd hand clothes are a norm in the family & we have several re-use places around, even here in VT! lolol I get a bunch of freebies, as well & I save those as little stocking stuffers~~ OR the rare gift basket to 1 of my sons & partners as a outta-the-green-surprise...
  • joanna l. 8 years ago
    I start shopping in the fall (buying one or two gifts per paycheck) this way I have time to find the right price and I have nt spent all of my money at once!

    Also , I ask people what they want and I make a list from that including sizes and favorite colors