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  • sandy c. 3 years ago
    we reuse the same cloth bags and handmade boxes and such each year. its fun to see the same boxes come out, and everyone knows whose gift is whose.
  • Christina B. 9 years ago
    I always received presenta in cereal boxes or ritz cracker boxes so now thats what I put presents in for any occasion. We also wrap presents in the newspapers Sundays comics. It makes it fun before they unwrap.
  • Darlene F. 9 years ago
    I pledge
  • teresa n. 9 years ago

    We use to wrap gifts in our children's art work. I, as a child, would wrap tube socks or t shirts or belts or whatever would fit in empty cardboard wrapping paper tubes. then I would decorate it. or color it with markers or crayons or use pieces of scrap paper, to make it look like a mosaic design. We continued this for our children. It took longer to open the gift. Also they would shake it to see what they could here. Cereal boxes. we would decorate also. we drew or cut out windows to look like a house. We would put pictures of the kids school pictures or copies of a picture in the windows, as if they were looking out of the house. We did this for all different Holidays. Then we would fill the box with gift or candy in a zip lock bag or the store bag, the goodies came in. Enoy!

  • Aneesh M. 9 years ago
    Use shopping bags from store to give a surprise element at gift exchange. We used an clothing store bag but had a wine bottle in it, everyone was pleasently surprised and it became a topic of conversation for the rest of the party...
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