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Options For A Greener Life (How About A Hybrid Car?)

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Students at Madeline English School in Everett, MA, tell us how they would help the environment, if they were in charge:

From community-based to world-wide, these suggestions are all great ways to take green action.
Students at Madeline English School in Everett, MA, tell us how they would help the environment, if they were in charge.
WRITTEN BY: Students at Madeline English School

Many countries have harsh environmental issues with their locations. Many countries have one big issue that they must do something about and that is oil pollution. Oil pollution causes many problems in the world, a huge example was the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. We are studying the Periodic Table of Elements in science class. Probably we can go through the Periodic Table and find certain chemicals and formulas to make a substance that has the same properties as oil. This substance would be recyclable or non-polluting so that it does not harm the water. –Irvin

If I were in charge of the world and made the decisions of what happens to the environment, I would set up programs everywhere to enforce recycling of papers and plastics. Every week I would have recycling-material collectors go around like garbage men and collect all the used materials. –Rachel

If I were in charge, I would offer people, in exchange for their gas guzzling cars, a new hybrid car. By them switching to hybrid cars they stop burning fossil fuels for their cars. This would slow down global warming and carbon dioxide exhaust from cars. By doing this the Earth would be much greener and the air would be cleaner. –Daniel

If I would be in charge of the environment, I would help by keeping our environment clean. I would plant some trees and plants so the environment would look beautiful and I would make the beauty last. I would make the roads safe. I wouldn’t let the roads be bumpy so the drivers would have an easy time driving. Also. I would put new signs on the road that let drivers know if they are going the wrong way, or maybe new stop signs that would look nice on the road. I would make our environment like a peaceful and beautiful place. That’s what I would do, if I were in charge. –Linda

There are many things that I would do to help the environment improve if I were in charge. First, I would start with small steps such as putting recycling bins around the city and solar compactors, too. Then I would take it a step further. I would change all the appliances to energy efficient. Lastly, to make the city a healthy place, I would plant plants and make gardens. So those are a few of the things I would do if I were in charge. –Muhammad

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Recyclebank Green Schools Program awards grants to schools in order to fund environmental projects that empower youth to green their own communities. For every 100 points donated to an accepted school, Recyclebank donates $10 to that school.

Under the guidance of Michelle Massa and Bruce Jaffe, Madeline English School students will establish a community garden center behind their school. There will be four parts to the outside garden, as well as an inside piece consisting of a nature book center in our library. The community gardens at the Madeline English School will consist of an area of birdhouses and feeders, and appropriate plants will be planted to attract birds. The garden will include an insect center, so that they can introduce and learn about insects and their role in the food web, and they will plant one native ornamental tree every year in the garden to provide shade and shelter for the living species in the garden.

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