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Students at Donald Rheem Elementary School in Moraga, CA, tell us how they would help the environment, if they were in charge:

Switching over to electric cars and recycled products would save the environment and save money. And what could all that money go towards? Find out!
Students at Donald Rheem Elementary School in Moraga, CA, tell us how they would help the environment, if they were in charge.
WRITTEN BY: 5th Grade Students Trevin and Shun

Recycling and composting are vital for the Earth’s environment. Many people help restore various natural substances in our surroundings today, but that’s not enough to make our planet the way it should be. Adults and children all across the globe take leadership roles in recycling and composting, but imagine an improved Earth.

If the two of us were in charge of our planet’s health, we would do as much as possible to keep our world looking beautiful. To start, we would lay out more green resources, such as trees, in a variety of areas to make people understand the importance of nature and restoring.

We also would attempt to cut down on cars that run on gasoline, and increase the number of electrical, environmentally-friendly vehicles. With saved money, we would set up programs and factories that build automobiles, and ask them to try to build more fuel-efficient cars, motorcycles, etc. If we cut back on gasoline-guzzling cars, then not as much money will be spent on gas. We could donate that money to hospitals and medical centers around the world to find cures for fatal diseases.

One goal we would have for Mother Nature is to save up to 73 billion dollars on gasoline after five years of the conversion to fuel-efficient cars. A second ambition would be to persuade people to place more items in the proper bins. Focusing on this would hopefully increase the volume of recycled matter by 5 percent a year.

Again, with a percentage of saved money, many recycling and food factories can be built to help those in need of food or labor. These factories should help two things: lower the amount of homelessness, and create meals for people desperately needing something to fill their stomachs. Those needing a job would get hired, and these factories also would help with the separation of trash and recyclable objects.

Next, we would need to make it easy and cheap for people to recycle and buy recycled products — for example, try to increase the number of families with a recycle bin or small container in the kitchen to put recyclables. Recycled items for sale would have to cost no more than brand new products, hopefully less.

Another change we would make is to promote water bottles with thinner, more flexible plastic in all grocery stores. This style of water bottles also would save money, and this money should go to curing illnesses and making more and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

If the two of us were in charge, we would make important changes and turn our Earth into a more scenic place. And we’re asking you to help, to save this wonderful planet we call home.

What would you do to help the planet's health, if you were in charge? Share your ideas below!

Recyclebank Green Schools Program awards grants to schools in order to fund environmental projects that empower youth to green their own communities. For every 100 points donated to an accepted school, Recyclebank donates $10 to that school.

Donald Rheem Elementary School students are using their Recyclebank Green Schools grant to create a composting center within their garden, and to connect the composting to their school lunch program. Composting is an excellent way to teach students about how nature recycles. By practicing the basics of composting, students care for their communities and the natural environment.

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  • Elaine F. 5 years ago
    I would make everyone recycle. You'd be surprised how many people still throw out recyclables.
  • 6 years ago
    require everyone to view videos showing how human pollution is negativelt effecting the planet