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Greenly: Not Your Mama’s Turkey Sandwich

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Simple ideas to transform your leftover turkey sandwich.

As of yesterday, you probably have a fridge full of oven-roasted turkey. Now it’s time to put them to use. Here are three delicious and simple ideas to help transform next-day turkey into another mouthwatering meal!

Turkey Panino
Build the ultimate grilled cheese by pilling cheddar, leftover turkey, and sage between two pieces of country-style bread. Heat in a panini press or skillet until toasted. Even better when served with cranberry sauce!

Turkey Banh Mi
The sweet and tangy flavors in this Vietnamese-style sandwich will refresh any post-turkey day palate.

To assemble the sandwich, start by shredding a carrot and a handful of radishes. Toss with a bit of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Allow the mixture a few minutes to set. While you’re waiting, slice open a baguette, add a touch of mayo, leftover turkey, sliced cucumbers, and jalapeno to taste. Top it off with the pickled vegetables and enjoy!

Turkey Tacos
So it’s not a sandwich, but tacos are an interesting take on turkey. Pile leftover shredded turkey onto a warm tortilla. Simply top your taco off with cheese, sour cream and fresh salsa.

What’s your go-to turkey sandwich call for? Share your favorite leftover ideas below!

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