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Green ways to say “I love you”

By Recyclebank |
Bring a dash of green creativity to your Valentine’s Day with these seriously romantic gestures. Whether the object of your affections loves music, art or simply a dose of excitement, we’ve pulled together the best eco-friendly suggestions from around the Web.

Valentine’s Day has crept up on us again, and whilst I’m sure that all of us show our better halves how much we care on a daily basis(!), we thought you might like some extra special ‘greenspiration’.

We looked at fantastic green gifts to buy last year, but most of us would agree that it’s far more thrilling to be on the receiving end of a romantic gesture. Whether your partner appreciates words or gets giddy about a beautiful plan, we have something to suit everyone. Just don’t forget to let us know how it went!


  • Write a letter

In this age of electronic communication, a hand-written love letter is truly special. Don’t forget to choose recycled paper!

  • Chalk messages

Quirky? Want to go public about your devotion? Write messages to your loved one on the pavement so they’ll see them on the way to work.

  • Treasure hunt

An oldie but a goodie. Lay a trail of paper clues to a special romantic surprise. We’ve heard of a man who sent his girlfriend miles cross-country so that he could propose to her on a favourite stretch of coastline. Luckily she wasn’t too tired to say yes!

  • Message in the garden

This takes a little organisation and a trace of green fingers, but writing a simple message with early spring bulbs or even cress can make a heart sing.


  • Write a song

Do you have a good musical ear? Or know a friend that does? Write a song just for them and they’ll melt, especially when you…

  • Serenade them

Whether you’re singing a tune you’ve created or one of their favourite smoochy tracks, your love interest will surely appreciate the effort. Unless you sound like an unhappy cat, in which case…

  • Create a compilation

Download all the tracks that make you think of them and create a secret playlist on their mp3 player or computer.


  • Draw them a picture

If your chosen one loves art, try making your own masterpiece for them to treasure. As with the writing of the song, it’s not so much the skill as the fact that you tried!

  • Make a photo animation

Plenty of websites now allow you to easily create your own photo animation, adding messages and favourite music. GoAnimate is just one free site that we’ve found. Looking for inspiration? Check out this blog post “The BEST proposal ever”: read their story then watch the clip – you won’t regret it!


  • Cook dinner

Restaurants on Valentine’s Day can feel more akin to a money factory than a venue for a romantic tête à tête. If you’ve ever felt the embarrassment of being crammed in, practically bumping knees with other couples, why not try a cosy dinner at home? Stay eco with locally sourced and seasonal foods.

  • Bake them a cake, sweets or their favourite pudding

Homemade delicacies are the way to many a lady and gentleman’s heart. Worth a phone call to their mum to find out what they loved when they were little! A good sticky toffee pud could spell happily ever after!

  • A surprise picnic

Obviously check the weather first, but if February 14th is warm for the time of year, then a picnic could be just the ticket, though you’ll need to take public transport to be truly green. What could be more romantic than a glass of something sparkly with a selection of delicious eco-friendly titbits and a spectacular view? Take a flask of something hot and possibly alcoholic to ease the journey home!

What have been your best ever romantic gestures? The ones that still make you feel a bit weak in the knees?!

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  • Laura L. 2 years ago
    I would love having a tree planted in my name somewhere, maybe put a plaque with our initials inside of a heart. Sweet and old-fashioned <3
  • Elaine F. 5 years ago
    My kids always make me drawings.
  • Elaine F. 5 years ago
    My kids always make me drawings.
  • Michael & Monaliza C. 6 years ago
    We both cancelled our meetings - some people are just so unromantic, booking meetings on 14th February, aren't they - and cooked, served and ate a wonderful meal together instead. I liked the idea of chalking love messages on the pavement, perhaps next year !!