Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ann M. 6 years ago
    Use sugar in the raw!
  • Betty Jane K. 9 years ago
    I didn't know that you could make your own sugar from sugar beets so easily. The link for the "how to" was appreciated. Now I just need to find sugar beets seeds so I can try this.
  • Beth K. 9 years ago
    I love beets. But from what I understand, about 90% of sugar beets in this country are grown by Monsanto - and we all know how monstrous they are with how they genetically modify and poison our food. Buy organic as often as you can!

    I also suffer from hypoglycemia (a precursor to diabetes) and diabetes runs in my family. For the past 20 years I've chosen natural, raw sugar, agave nectar and stevia to sweeten my beverages. They have less impact on the planet, are gentler to your glycemic index and body systems and provide all the sweetness you desire. While you're at it, just choose more natural sugars in general - ie, when your sweet tooth acts up, eat a piece of fruit instead of candy, processed sugary foods or drinks, and not only will you live healthier and longer but with a well-rounded natural-foods diet you'll have more sustained energy and less risk of heart disease, diabetes or obesity. It's so easy and what nature intended!
  • kevin b. 9 years ago