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Green Is The New White For Weddings!

By Molly Wright |
Honestly, can you think of a better time to flaunt your values than on your big day?

Perhaps you heard about the Spokane couple who paid for their wedding by collecting aluminum cans?

What an amazing, innovative and creative idea: starting out together by focusing on who you are as a couple, rather than impressing friends and family by going into debt. Reality is not something most girls dream about when they think about their wedding day.

It may seem like your wedding day is too small to fit into the grand scheme of things, earth-wise. I mean aside from the pictures, when it’s all over, what truly remains that even takes up space?

You whisk off on your honeymoon and everything is magically scooped up and packed away as soon as the last guest drives off.

But frankly, all the little details, like the dress and food, or the way the chairs line up neatly around the head table say something about the two of you. And honestly, can you think of a better time when flaunting your values should trump your bank account than on your big day?

But one thing the eco-friendly movement has done for all of us are provide an overdue wake- up call that our lives are no longer all about ME anymore. What we do and how we do things affect those around us, and in some cases, our actions tentacle around the globe.

Fortunately for earth-loving souls, several wedding organizations feel the same way. From wedding planners to rental stores they’re out there. I Googled “Green Weddings” and discovered a host of companies who want to serve you as well as the earth. I’ve included a few below that caught my eye.

Great Green Wedding offers a plethora of ideas to start your married like off right, from recycled paper invites to no-paper invitations (personalized wedding pages); from recycled-material wedding rings to eco-friendly favors that benefit everything from endangered species to charitable organizations.

Green Weddings in Los Angeles will help you plan everything from the outdoor location to the organic reception menu (including vegan fares). Also, their wedding organizers will consult with you on organic make up and cakes, even hook you up with green fashion designers for all the apparel. Their website also links to all the earth-friendly organizations they are affiliated with so you can help support the organizations.

The Aires Company, a rental shop in St Louis has a reputation for quality goods, but also focuses on making sure they serve not only the customer well, but Mother Earth too. From their showroom, which is cleaned by a green-cleaning company, to using soy candles and recyclable linen and glass-wear bags, they work just as hard at going green as they do at supplying their rental goods.

There are many more green wedding websites and there are oodles of green ways to celebrate your big day. I actually went to a wedding reception recently where the bride and groom had done most of the work, from decorating the reception hall with Christmas lights, to filling Mason jars wild flowers for the centerpieces.

Their food was simple but delicious; donated by various family and friends and the atmosphere overall was down-to-earth and comfortable.

That got me thinking about my own wedding day 30 years ago walking down the aisle in my hand-made dress, carrying my daisy bouquet.

You know what?

I don’t think I would have been any happier if they had been orchids.

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