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  • joanna l. 6 years ago
    The plastic container that a rotisserie chicken comes in makes a great "terrarium"
    Put some soil in the bottom part, plant some seeds and use the transparent top to let in the sunshine
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    good to know.
  • Laurel K. 10 years ago
    I tried the newpaper for my seedlings. It was not a good idea. I start my seeds in Rubbermaid trays in your utensil drawer for dividers. 6"x8" They last for 20 plus years. I bought flats that hold 72 seedlings for my plants many years ago. I have used them over and over. I take great care of them. Some of my 4" pots that I transplant into are more than 20 years old. The clear domed lids for the flats make wonderul sauces to the plants in pots before I plant them. Great for bottom watering the plants. Another idea is to reuse the dryer sheets in the bottom of pots with hole. This allows you to fill the pot with drainage mater like broken clay pots or fish tank gravel before you are the potting soil and the plant. No need to buy screen if you have used dryer sheets.
  • Sarah J. 10 years ago
    I buy cottons, linens, and wools, and when they are past using any more (I include sheets) I use them as mulch and as wicking material in and out of pots (Planting in the ground I drive a rolled up piece of fabric as far down as I can go, then plant the plant. The fabric gives that much more water to the roots, and the roots will follow the fabric down to where there is more water. Sometimes I leave a space and jam a wad of fabric (wool is best) to make a reservoir for water (how long does it take a wool sweater to dry? now cover it with mud. How long now? See?) Fabric that is earth colored can be a top mulch, crazy stuff you'd never see (say, purple) goes underground or should be covered with dirt and leaves.)
    It is amusing to see how long some stuff lasts, and how sometimes only buttons remain to tell you where you used a certain shirt. (I take away plastic stuff.)
  • heidi e. 10 years ago
    I liked this article great ideas! : )
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