Live Green and Earn Points


  • Chris G. 2 months ago
    We used to make artwork with small broken crayons. We put them between wax paper and melted them with an iron (with a towel over the wax paper) and then framed it and hung it on the wall.
  • Marilu K. 4 months ago
    I took this list over to my former school so teachers can challenge their students to implement these ideas and come up with additional great uses
  • C G. 6 months ago
    We homeschool and hardly waste a thing. I've seen tons thrown away at public schools and even took some stuff home that would have been thrown away. Now we use that stuff for homeschool. I teach "waste not, want not."
  • lisa k. 6 months ago
    As long as they aren't too dirty, pencil cases make perfect sized makeup brush holders also , Ladies!