Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    good ideas.
  • AMY K. 10 years ago
    Great ideas!
  • Sheila A. 10 years ago
    You can also use old wash cloths instead of those swiffer cloths -saves money too. Old socks slipped over your hand makes a good duster- We turned the old outgrown swing set into a hanging plant holder after removing the swings-painted it to match our outdoor furniture.We turn empty milk cartons into bird feeders- wash them out- cut square holes on 2 sides high enough to allow for the seed-we put old tinker toy long "stick" piece thru it for place for birds to land to feed. Glued old lincoln logs into planters too-used empty milk cartons for "liner" just make sure you make some drainage holes in it. If you look around you can find manty use for outgrown toys- or donate them to Women's shelter or Hospital childrens clinic-just call first to see if they accept them-most do as long as stuff is clean & in good condition.{just remember no toys with little parts or anything that can be taken off & swallowed} We have 6 children so we're inventing new uses for outgrown/unwanted kids things all the time.
  • Jaime P. 10 years ago
    Great Ideas!
  • Patricia T. 10 years ago
    Some great ideas here, I will check back to see if anyone has added new ones. I use old sheets to cut into strips to tie up my tomato plants. I use used coffee grounds around plants that slugs like to chew on, they wont cross the grounds.
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