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  • Laurel B. 2 years ago
    My 16 year old loves thrifting with me. It's like treasure hunting! My 8 and 4 year olds love it for toys more than clothes at this point. I can honestly say that this is a family activity.
  • Alice B. 5 years ago
    My grown daughter dresses Beautifully in thrift store clothes.Most of the clothes do not even look worn. She dresses better in her thrift store clothes than most people do who buy retail. She had a vintage red designer dress with a white turtleneck with black patterned leggings that looked great.
  • Ralph W. 5 years ago
    Just because it is in a thrift store does not mean it is used. Some commercial stores "dump" seasonal and non-selling clothes at the local thrift stores. Some used clothes come from people's closets since they didn't like the gift or what they bought. At time the donated wardrobe of a deceased person has new clothes. I've bought clothes in thrift stores that still had the store tags on them.
  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    My two younger kids love going to the thrift store because they know I can buy them more clothes and toys there.
  • Joy Z. 10 years ago
    Just shopped Goodwill today and bought 3 girls sweaters from Talbots still have tags on them for $1.49 each. My girls and I love thrift stores and antique stores. We shop lots of garage sales too.
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