Live Green and Earn Points


  • David L. 9 years ago
    Let's keep our ocean waters clean by disposing of our plastic waste in the appropriate trash bags. We could be slowly killing ourselves and the fish we depend on for food.
  • Sue C. 9 years ago
    Interesting find about these lantern fishes diets. It's obvious we are harming not only the world's oceans but ourselves as well since these fish are not intelligent enough to be turned off by garbage that ends up in these waters. I think that's a cause for concern and a much needed change in people's habits altogether to preserve the environment for the welfare of the food chain .
  • Mikelle M. 9 years ago
    This makes sense; if our food supply is eating the plastic, us humans will be eating it, not literally by the chunk but the plastic will be transported by the bloodstream through the body after digestion.This problem of people getting scared of eating plastic can go away if we stop dumping our plastic bottles in the lakes after fishing or letting out plastic trash on the beach, waiting for the tide to catch it.
  • elke s. 9 years ago
    wow i didnt know
  • Lisa H. 9 years ago
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