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Find Your True Green This St. Patrick’s Day

By Sebrina Zerkus Smith |
Unleash your inner Irish and really show your green this St. Patrick’s Day with these 10 tips.

Unleash your inner Irish and really show your green this St. Patrick’s Day with these 10 tips.

St. Patrick’s Day is universally known as the green holiday. And even though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the most elevated occasion, it’s still a great time to get together with friends and have a little fun. This year, add a little more green to your St. Pat’s celebration by being kind to Mother Earth, the original Queen of Green!

10 Tips To A Greener St. Patrick’s Day

The Wearing of the Green
Be an eco-friendly consumer this St. Patrick’s Day and wear something organic. Organic clothing is getting easier to find these days, soo celebrate being green by wearing something green, Check out a simple,100% organic cotton Kiss Me I’m Irish t-shirt from

Drink Local/Organic Beer
Celebrate this St. Pat’s Day in an eco-friendly way by ordering an organic local beer. Pair that environmentally sensitive brew with a glass that shares the same ethics. Choose glasses made of recycled car windshields or sip from an upcycled beer bottle glass. And if you must drink out of a glass bottle, remember to recycle! .

Take The Party To Your House
Instead of using valuable fuel bar hopping (and stressing if you see the Po-Po in your rearview mirror) why not party at home this year? Light a few candles, break out the organic beer, sing a chorus of O Danny Boy and celebrate your true green nature.

Plant something green.
Get dirty instead of sloppy this year. Why not spend the day putting some green in your garden. Your new addition will give you beautiful memories for years to come.

Ride, don’t drive
Park it! Your car, I mean! If you’re going out on the town, use local mass transit like metro rail or buses to get to the festivities. Or, car pool with other revelers and share the ride. If you live in a larger city like Los Angeles, take your celebration to a pub that offers organic liquor and beer choices like LA Green Drinks .

Eat green
Buy local and organic produce for your St. Patty’s Day feast. Or make St. Patrick’s a vegetarian holiday for you and your family, and skip the meat all together. Find some great organic recipes at The Daily Green and Top 7 Vegetarian and Vegan Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day at

Recycle Everything
Complete the circle this year by recycling everything you can. Wine and beer bottles, wine corks, paper products, plastic bottles. Buy products that are made from post consumer recycled materials and then return those to your local recycling station after the celebrating ends.

Get crafty
If you can’t or don’t drink, that’s no reason to skip the celebration. Check out these eco-friendly St. Patty’s craft projects, from Jenn Savadge at MNN. Ideas include making a coffee filter shamrock, handprint rainbow, or paper mache pot of gold.

This year, let the “wearing of the green” take on true significance for you by making St. Patrick Day a greener holiday. Show your green, not just today, but every day!

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